Community Workshops


I offer creative workshops on forced migration for community groups and have facilitated events for diverse organisations in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Workshops can include multimedia screenings, large and small group discussion, and take home material. The level of discussion can range from introductory to what you might expect in a university classroom. Email for more information or if you are interested in hosting a workshop.



Making Knowledge Public

Introductory videos on migration and media for high school students and the broader community, produced by Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication.



Additional Resources


Reflective Retreats on Storytelling Practices

Work with me to develop a one-day professional development retreat for your organisation to assess and/or shift your practices of storytelling. Topics are geared to your organisational goals, but can include ethical issues, narrative techniques, audience and context, and creative media.

Book Club Readings on Displacement

Request a list of excellent Canadian fiction about forced migration and research-based discussion questions to prompt deeper dialogue for your book club.